With the mission of engaging and enriching our community through art, Radial Arts showcases artists, performers, and regional institutions through free, culturally-diverse, and distinctive arts experiences for audiences of all ages and backgrounds in and around Saratoga Springs.

Radial Arts has three primary goals:

1) To introduce Saratoga Springs’ artistic and cultural organizations and venues to new audiences

2) To provide access and exposure to the arts for those who may not ordinarily have it

3) To inspire and delight our community through art

Radial Arts was originally founded as a multi-day arts festival called SaratogaArtsFest by Skidmore College in 2007.  Through deep collaboration with local arts and cultural organizations, the format of Radial Arts programming has evolved to seasonal, multi-genre events for which Radial Arts provides funding, artistic direction, and collaborative oversight. Throughout this evolution, our commitment to connecting new audiences to the community’s vast artistic and cultural experiences has remained steadfast. Radial Arts is a 501(c)3 organization.

About Our Name

Radial Arts connects our community with art experiences across genres, venues, and ages. Similar to the spokes of a wheel, Radial Arts acts as a crucial connection point between a vibrant community of artists and all types of art appreciators.

Our Leadership

Board of Directors:

Chair – Ellen Beal
Treasurer – Dianne Winter
Secretary – Lynne Gelber

Ian Berry
Scott Erickson
Beth Fecteau
Seth Finkell
Alexis Pappas
Tamara Tepper

Contact Us

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